Welcome to the world of Asset-Based Thinking™ (ABT). ABT is a revolutionary and refreshingly simple mindset management process proven to promote greater resilience, optimism and confidence. Pioneered by psychologist Dr. Kathy Cramer, a best-selling author, speaker and consultant leading The Cramer Institute, ABT has already ignited Minds on Fire worldwide, showing tens of thousands of people how to make small shifts in perception and thinking that have led to monumental results in their businesses, their lives and the lives of those they touch.

Get ready to focus consistently on what’s working and what’s possible!

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What Others Are Saying About Asset Based Thinking

“When I read Change The Way You See Everything, I saw that it does what it promises to do, and more. This is a simple, yet brilliant thesis. It gives us information we can actually use.”
-James Patterson, Bestselling Author

“ABT is about knowing that future outcomes are not determined by today’s realities…we believe in potential, and ABT is aligned perfectly.”
-Mary Beth McEuen, Maritz Professional Development Manager

“Using the ABT approach, we’ve generated far more robust ideas at half-day workshops than previously uncovered over weeks of analyzing the problem. By shifting to asset-based thinking, we’ve learned to be more productive.”
-Jon Pincus, Microsoft General Manager of Strategy Development